Musharraf On The Run After Pakistan Court Revokes Bail

Musharraf Bail Revoked

Former Pakistani military ruler Pervez Musharraf went on the run after a court in the country’s capital revoked his bail. Musharraf seized power during a military coup in 1999 but was forced to step down in 2008.

Local TV broadcast live footage of the former ruler as Musharraf jumped into a black SUV and escaped while a member of his security team clung to the side of the vehicle.

Pervez Musharraf returned from self-imposed exile last month in the hopes of making a political comeback. Unfortunately for the former ruler, it was not meant to be. A court in Peshawar disqualified him on Tuesday of running in the parliamentary election, likely squashing his hopes for another try at governing the country.

Along with his political hopes being dashed, Musharraf has also been the subject of several legal challenges, including the one for which he was in court. Thursday’s case before the Islamabad High Court involved the former Pakistani leader’s decision in 2007 to suspend the constitution and declare a state of emergency.

Because of the decision, he has been accused of treason. Musharraf also placed several senior judges, including the chief justice of the supreme court, under house arrest. The former ruler obtained a pre-arrest bail before returning to the country — a move that ensured he would not be arrested when he stepped foot in Pakistan.

But the Islamabad High Court refused to extend his bail. Instead, they ordered his arrest. Policeman were called to the court to arrest him, but Musharraf escaped instead. Saima Ali Dada, a spokeswoman for Pervez Musharraf, stated that his legal team is trying to decide what its next move will be.

After Musharraf left, his lawyer, Ahmed Raza Qasoori, stated that the former president returned to his residence. While in exile, the former leader traveled to London and Dubai. But he returned to contest the three different court cases against him.

It is not clear when police will be able to arrest Musharraf.

[Image via World Economic Forum]