Battery Used In Boston Bombing Could Be Linked To California Company

Battery Used In Boston Bombing Could Be Linked To California Company

The battery used in the Boston Marathon bomb may be linked to a California company, giving investigators a crucial clue in the hunt for those responsible for Monday’s deadly attack.

After a photograph was released showing parts of the device apparently used in the Boston Marathon bombing, officials at Tenergy Corporation in the Bay Area recognized part of the bomb. Two photographs from the scene show batteries made by the company, ones that company officials said are commonly used to power things like remote control cars.

Online investigators who studied pictures released of some of the bomb’s components noted what appeared to be other parts from remote control cars. This led to speculation that the bomber could have used those parts as a remote activation.

Officials at Tenergy said the battery used in the bombing appeared to be the Sub C-3000, which is manufactured in China and available across many retails stores in the United States.

“We were appalled that our product was used in such a horrible and senseless way,” said Tenergy executive Benjamin Mull said.

After the pictures were released of the battery used in the bombing, Tenergy put out a statement:

“Everyone at Tenergy is deeply saddened by the recent events at the Boston Marathon. Our hearts and thoughts are with the victims and their families. We were appalled to discover that one of our off-the-shelf products was used in such a horrific and senseless act of hate. We have contacted both the FBI and the Boston Police and will assist in any way possible to help identify the responsible parties. Again, our hearts go out to the families and those who were affected by this tragic event in the city of Boston.”

The twin blasts near the finish line of the marathon left three people dead and more than 170 hurt. Authorities said the bombs were made using a pressure cooker and ball bearings as shrapnel and hidden inside large duffel bags.

Though the revelation about the battery used in the bombing may help police understand the bomb and how it was constructed, it may not put them any closer to a suspect. Tenergy officials said the company sold tens of thousands of that particular batter in the last year alone.