'Big Brother' Finale Preview: Can Anyone Stop Andy?

Big Brother comes to an end tonight, and the only thing for certain is that one of the Exterminators remaining --- Spencer, Andy, and GinaMarie --- will win.

It would seem that all have an equal chance of winning the $500,000 grand prize. GinaMarie and Andy won the first two parts of the final Head of Household competition, meaning they will be pitted against each other on finale night. The winner gets to choose which houseguest stands beside them in the final two and which one goes to the jury.

Though Spencer does not hold is own fate, there is a good chance that Andy would bring him along to the final, and GinaMarie would be almost assured to pick him. In talks this week, Spencer and GinaMarie came to realize that Andy has too strong a case to win and wouldn't risk sitting next to him in the final two.

But Andy may not need the help. He's clearly been the best player this year, using his cunning to earn the trust of other houseguests then strategically turning on them when he needed to. Though he played mostly with his smarts, Andy has won whenever he needed to, and the final competition is traditionally some sort of trivia, a strong point for him.

This has been one of the most memorable seasons of Big Brother, which could add some drama to finale night beyond the final vote. The 15th season of the show was highlighted by the rampant racism seen by the houseguests and the real-life consequences it brought. After houseguests Aaryn and GinaMarie used racial slurs against other houseguests, their respective modeling agencies very publicly fired them.

Both women are still in the game --- Aaryn in the sequestered jury house and GinaMarie competing to reach the final two --- so neither have yet learned that they've been fired.

If CBS chooses to grill them on finale night, as it has with past houseguests, it could make for an interesting spectacle. But it appears that the network is trying to distance itself from the racism as much as possible, as it likely hopes to avoid having to answer why the casting for this year went so wrong.

When Aaryn entered the jury house, she gave an immediate (and possibly scripted) apology to Candace, the mixed-race contestant who she bullied and insulted. It seemed as if CBS were trying to nip the incident in the bud there, so if Aaryn has anything to say on finale night it will probably be a PR-friendly act of contrition.

The 90-minutes finale of Big Brother airs on CBS on Wednesday night at 9:30 pm EST.