Kim Lene Williams Charged With Capital Murder In Texas Prosecutor Killings

Kim Lene Williams, the wife of a disgraced judge, has been charged with capital murder and could face the death penalty, according to reports from Kaufman County, Texas on Wednesday.

In January, chief felony prosecutor Mark Hasse was slain in a bold attack at the county courthouse, where he was shot five times when getting out of his vehicle in the parking lot. The perpetrators, described at that time as two men, escaped.

On March 30, District Attorney Mike McLelland and his wife Cynthia were also found slain.

The investigation slowly circled in on Eric Lyle Williams, who is Kim Lene Williams’ husband. McLelland and Hasse prosecuted a criminal case against Eric, a former justice of the peace who lost his job and also his license to practice law when he was convicted of stealing three computer monitors.

The day after McLelland and Hasse were found dead, Eric allegedly emailed a “terroristic threat” saying that even more people would be killed if his name wasn’t cleared. As a result, he was arrested on Saturday and is still being held on a $3 million bond for the threat charges.

Kim Lene Williams is now being held on a $10 million bond in the triple slaying.

At the time of writing, her husband hadn’t yet been charged with the murders. However, the case against him grew stronger on Saturday, when investigators located a stoarge unit that contained a white sedan and a large stash of weapons including assault rifles.

Eric has described Kim Williams as ill and disabled. At this point, it isn’t clear how she assisted in the triple slaying but she previously testified at his theft trial that she had chronic fatigue syndrome and was dependent upon him for her support. “I’m standing by him 100 percent,” she said.

The Kaufman County authorities said that she has now admitted that her husband had killed all three victims. An anonymous source who said he couldn’t yet speak on the record added that they’re performing ballistics tests on at least 20 weapons to further harden the case against Eric Lyle and Kim Lene Williams.

[crime scene photo by Thomas Pajot via Shutterstock]