‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Jason & Sam Spend Time Together, But Brando Shows Her A New Side

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Valerie Durant / ABC

The week of August 17 on General Hospital will see Jason and Sam onscreen once again. According to spoilers by SheKnows Soaps, they will be spending some quality time together, but later in the week, Sam will be confronting Brando once again.

Sam is now free to be with Jason thanks to her deal with Valentin Cassadine. She has a brand new parole officer and he is letting her do what she wants without consequences. That means she and Jason will make up for lost time and spend time together in the next few days.

Sam is also set on making Brando’s life as rough as possible. She is convinced that he had something to do with Jason’s motorcycle accident. He denies it, but she isn’t listening. She has had it in for the guy ever since she found out that he slept with her sister Molly. Now Sam wants him to pay. However, things may take a turn soon. By the end of next week, spoilers say that Sam will see a softer side of Brando. Will something change her mind about him?

There seems to be something a little off about the new guy in town. It could be that Cyrus threatened him, or possibly Molly, if he somehow knows about their one night fling, so that he could be free to mess with Jason’s bike.

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  Valerie Durant / ABC

Jason has trusted Brando and he doesn’t believe that he sabotaged him. Jason knows that Cyrus had visited the shop right before he got there, so it’s likely that he has his suspicions about what happened.

General Hospital fans think that Brando and Sam will end up together eventually. However, it seems unlikely that she and Jason would break up anytime soon, especially after she has done whatever she could so that they could be together.

Jason almost died in the accident and could have suffered major brain damage. It was touch-and-go for a bit, but he is now recovering. Even Sonny wanted answers from Brando about what happened. He wants to believe that Brando had nothing to do with it, but fans have noticed how sneaky he appears to be once in a while and that raises suspicions.

New episodes of General Hospital just began airing two weeks ago and it has been full of drama ever since. Molly hasn’t been seen since then and fans have wondered if there will be any more scenes between her and Brando. It could be that her big sister gains a little interest in the hunky guy as well.