‘Big Brother 22’ Week 2 Spoilers: Safety Suite Winner Revealed

Warning: This article reveals the winner and plus one from the recent Safety Suite competition on Big Brother.

The second Safety Suite competition of Big Brother Season 22 is officially complete. Last Friday saw only two houseguests enter the suite, with Kaysar Ridha winning immunity. Despite entering and losing, Janelle Pierzina was selected by Kaysar to be his plus one, which kept her safe from nominations as well. The second safety comp went down Friday afternoon, and, for now, it’s unknown exactly which players decided to swipe their passes at a shot for immunity. However, the winner has been identified.

Discussions on the live feeds after the comp revealed that Christmas Abbott won and gave her plus one to Ian Terry. This was documented by live feeds Twitter account @BB_Updates. Other conversations between the houseguests suggested that Christmas saving Ian was completely out of the blue and not something many of them saw coming, A houseguest does not have to play in the Safety Suite competition in order to be given the plus one advantage, so it doesn’t necessarily mean Ian played.

Ian and Christmas are currently not in an alliance together but the duo does have Nicole Franzel in common. The former winner formed a two-man alliance with Ian known as the Million Club, and Nicole is also in The Usual Suspects with Christmas.

Christmas Abbott competes on Big Brother Season 22

Christmas and Ian’s safety doesn’t necessarily throw a wrench into Head of Household (HOH) Memphis Garrett’s plans for nominations. As The Inquisitr previously reported, he was planning on taking the safe route for his reign as HOH and was planning to put up Nicole Anthony and David Alexander for eviction. Memphis feels it’s too early in the game to backdoor someone or to take a big shot, so these two will likely be put up and stay on the block unless they are removed by the Power of Veto (POV).

Later in the day, Nicole F. told Memphis he should have told Christmas who to save if she should win the Safety Suite comp. The HOH didn’t sweat it too much, as he revealed Ian will likely be his target in the near future.

Memphis also revealed some of the houseguests who can still play next week, confirming that they did not choose to swipe their VIP passes this time around. It looks like Nicole F., Nicole A., Tyler Crispen, and Dani Briones did not participate in today’s event. Next Friday is the last opportunity for players to take part in the new twist, as it is only slotted to last for three rounds.