Yamaha Unveils 2013 AVENTAGE Network AV Receivers With iPhone Control

Each year more people move from just having a TV to having more of a home theater set up. Some keep it simple, while others go all out to create a video and sound experience that’s better than going to the cinema. Anyone wanting to build a system with the best 7.2 surround sound experience starts caring about AV Receivers.

Yamaha just announced two new AV Receivers that support all kinds of state of the art wireless features from Apple’s AirPlay to wireless control via iPhone, iPad, Android, and Kindle Fire. The free controller app is customizable, so you can hide any unused buttons.

The AVENTAGE RX-A830 and RX-A730 are carefully designed to provide the best audio experience possible. Each electronic component is selected based on its sound properties based on hours of listening tests. Power supplies are individually optimized to reduce noise transfer into the audio signal.

“Each spring we stake our claim to the high end home entertainment market with our flagship AVENTAGE AV receivers” said Bob Goedken, general manager, Yamaha Corporation of America, AV division. “Our team of engineers and designers in Japan and the U.S. have again worked their magic to craft statement pieces that provide the ultimate sound and video quality for the most discerning listeners.”

In addition to AirPlay, both receivers are compatible with Internet radio services Rhapsody and Pandora. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth makes it possible to stream audio from other sources including iTunes running on a Mac or PC. Details like song title, artist name, and album art from streaming music are displayed on the front of the receiver.

You can connect USB storage devices to the receiver to play a wide variety of audio formats including WAV 192/24, MP3, WMA, AAC, and FLAC 192/24.

Yamaha engineers put a lot of thought into designing their new receivers for the best home theater audio. To ensure surround sound realism, they created a technology they call “Dialogue Lift” that “accurately positions dialog to come from the center of the viewing area when watching movies and television programming.”

Both AVENTAGE receivers route 1080p video from up to 8 HDMI connected sources. The RX-A830 can deliver two different HD video outputs at the same time.

If you’re just starting to learn about AV receivers, this video featuring home theater expert Robert Heron explains the basics.