Spoilers For 'General Hospital': Anna & Finn Plan Their Wedding, But Things May Not Go Smoothly

It's wedding planning time for Anna and Finn on Friday's General Hospital. The couple will be getting hitched soon, but as is common in the soap opera world, there is bound to be some conflict and drama.

The previews for Friday's show reveal that they will be meeting up at the Metro Court, and it looks like they will be discussing their upcoming nuptials. However, it seems that they will hit a snag. Anna will be surprised that her fiance is hesitant to invite his father to the wedding. General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps say that Anna wants Finn to deal with his past. It's likely that she is talking about his strained relationship with his dad. Finn is civil toward him whenever they get together, but it's obvious that the son still holds a grudge.

Also, Monday's spoilers suggest that Anna and Finn will be at odds with each other. It's not indicated if this has something to do with his family or if there is something else brewing between them.

General Hospital fans are waiting to see if Finn's ex and the mother of his child, Hayden Barnes, returns. She may turn up just in time for Anna and Finn to say "I do." No one seems to know exactly where Hayden is. The search for her was totally unsuccessful, but that doesn't mean that she won't suddenly reappear.

Finola Hughes and Michael Easton
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The engaged couple may also be at odds once again over Peter. Finn still doesn't completely trust Anna's son, but she totally supports him. Then there is Robert Scorpio, who is sort of grieving the loss of his ex, Holly Sutton. He doesn't believe that she is really dead, but Anna recently had a conversation with him that he should just accept it and move on for his own good. Will Finn have his own opinion about this situation that Anna doesn't want to hear?

The General Hospital Nurses Ball will be happening sometime this month as well. There is always a chance that Hayden could make a surprise return at this annual event, but wedding crashing seems to be a huge thing on soaps. It seems likely that Hayden Barnes will pop up eventually and will cause trouble for Finn and Anna.

Fans are more than ready to have her back, as she is a fan-favorite. Many viewers are rooting for her and Finn to find their way back to each other and be a family with their daughter, Violet. In the meantime, he and Anna are still planning on getting married, but it's not going to go as smoothly as they think. There are plenty of obstacles that could cause some friction between them.