‘Siesta Key’ Star Madisson Hausburg Buys First Home With Boyfriend Ish Soto

Siesta Key star Madisson Hausburg shared some exciting news with her Instagram followers on Wednesday. The 25-year-old Florida native posted a photo of herself standing under a massive chandelier and announced she was officially a homeowner.

While it initially appeared that she purchased her new residence alone, her boyfriend Ish Soto, a former Siesta Key producer, left a comment on the post that made it clear she did not buy the property on her own.

“Our new home is almost as beautiful as you!!!” the 46-year-old wrote on his girlfriend’s post. Of note, he used the same photo on his Instagram account a few weeks ago.

Dressed in a hot pink mini dress and sky-high heels, Madisson leaned against a large glass table in a room that boasted floor-to-ceiling windows. The second photo in her social media post showed a gray cat looking outside on a beautiful sunny day, but the MTV reality star kept the location a secret — for now.

“You guys will find out where sooooon I promise! LA or SK?” she responded to several followers who asked about her new place.

When the season was filmed several months ago, Madisson moved out of the apartment she shared with cast mate Chloe Trautman and headed home to live with her father. According to a previous report by The Inquisitr, their rocky friendship improved after they stopped living together.

During a recent episode of Siesta Key, Madisson and her boyfriend talked about moving in together, but they could not agree on a location.

Ish wanted her to move to Los Angeles where he works and pointed out that it was the perfect place for her to pursue her acting career. Because he often travels for his job, she worried about being alone without friends if she moved to the West Coast.

Although Madisson has not shared where the new house is, many of her followers have already made some solid guesses that it’s located in the Los Angeles area, with some pointing out that she tagged several nearby businesses.

“It’s LA. Look out the window, she is on top of another house. She’s in the hills,” said one Instagram user.

“I think it’s LA because last night when she went live it was still daylight outside and the sun had already set in SK,” another said.

Now that Madisson has moved into the couple’s first home, it won’t be long before fans start asking about their plans to get married and have children. She has repeatedly talked about wanting to start a family soon, perhaps taking into consideration their almost 22-year age difference.

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