‘Siesta Key’ Star Madisson Hausburg Dishes On Rocky Friendship With Chloe Trautman

Siesta Key stars Madisson Hausburg and Chloe Trautman’s friendship has been put to the test over the past year. Fortunately, they seem to have worked things out since the emotional episodes were filmed several months ago.

In a video interview with People’s Reality Check, Madisson cleared the air about their strained relationship, stating that they are “in a good place right now,” despite all of the drama fans of the show saw play out on television.

“She was more than welcome to feel hurt. I believe that she was, and I feel for her. I apologize for any part I had in that. But I just needed her to hear me. I think she hears me now,” the MTV reality star said.

The most recent episode of Siesta Key showed the ladies trying to talk things out after she moved out of the apartment they shared. They met up at a holiday parted hosted by castmate Juliette Porter’s boyfriend, Sam Logan, and they had an extremely emotional chat.

Despite the festive mood at the party, their exchange got a little testy when she interrupted Madisson’s conversation with her 46-year-old boyfriend, Ish Soto. She wanted to discuss the tension between them, while Madisson was focused on whether or not she should move to Los Angeles with her boyfriend.

According to MTV, Ish was a producer for the show but moved to Los Angles to work on another television show for several months while his girlfriend stayed behind in Florida.

Juliette, who has also had a rocky friendship with the 23-year-old bar manager, joined Madisson on the video interview with People. Both women agreed that since filming for the season ended, their castmate has changed and is “considerate now and changing her life.”

After the most recent episode of Siesta Key aired, many fans were taking sides as far as who was at fault for the falling out. Madisson posted a link to her interview on her Instagram, as well as another post about taking sides that received a very positive reaction from fans.

“Yesss Madison ilyyyy in every episode it makes me so happy. Everyone has ups and downs and Madison did what her heart told her to do some friendship grow and some part it’s ok,” wrote one Instagram user.

“Even if the portrayal of what happened wasn’t the best, it has been so obvious that you have only had the best intentions & genuinely care about everyone involved,” said another.

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