Kanye West Garners 2 Percent In One Recent Presidential Poll

Kanye West’s campaign for President of the United States is either rolling right along or on the brink of collapse depending on whom you talk to. It’s not clear which side recent results from a Wednesday Politico-Morning Consult national poll leans toward, but it does show that he’s getting at least some support in the race. Those numbers showed the rapper garnered 2 percent support.

As J. Edward Moreno of The Hill reported, the newest numbers came amid struggles for West when it comes to getting on the ballot in several states. As The Inquisitr reported previously, part of West’s struggles in getting on ballots is because his campaign is submitting petitions that have invalid signatures. He was removed from Illinois’ forms for this very reason.

The new poll obviously doesn’t take that kind of factor into account. Instead, it measures the national support West is getting by polling 1,983 respondents. Of that group, presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden leads the way, with 49 percent and 972 votes. President Donald Trump comes in second with 40 percent with 800 and West is third among the candidates with just 33.

West is a former supporter of Trump’s who has visited the White House several times since 2016. Some political analysts have said Republicans first convinced the rapper to run and are now propping up his run in an attempt to take the Black vote away from Biden.

Moreno said West’s showing in this poll illustrated the idea he could be a spoiler in the presidential election. The writer said it didn’t appear West was playing much of a role in pulling the minority vote.

When breaking down the numbers by demographic, West got just two percentage points among Blacks and four among the Hispanic vote. If there is a group where he could hurt the presumptive Democratic nominee, it appears it would be with younger voters. The data showed he got six percentage points from those considered part of Generation Z.

Of course, in order to be any kind of spoiler, the rapper is going to need to find a way to become eligible in more states. He has filed paperwork in several areas and will be on the ballot in both Ohio and Wisconsin. Those two battleground areas are at the center of claims that Republican operatives are hoping he can take just enough votes that the election would be handed to Trump.

The Hill pointed out the latest data was compiled before Kamala Harris was chosen as Biden’s running mate earlier this week. The publication feels it’s possible that could influence the minority response.

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