Clare Crawley Shows Her Face In New ‘Bachelorette’ Promo That Leaves Fans More Confused Than Ever

A new teaser for the ABC dating show featured the leading lady tossing her rose away.

The Bachelorette star Clare Crawley
Paul Hebert / ABC

A new teaser for the ABC dating show featured the leading lady tossing her rose away.

Clare Crawley finally appeared in a promo for The Bachelorette but it left fans more confused than ever.

Amid reports that Clare stopped filming for the ABC reality show after less than two weeks because she was already in love with one of her suitors and was being replaced by Tayshia Adams, the 39-year-old California hairstylist star showed her face in a new clip posted on the network’s official Bachelorette Instagram page.

In the seconds-long spot, the bottom half of Clare’s face was seen as she tossed a single red rose toward the camera. She wore a white, off-shoulder dress as she smiled slightly while ridding herself of the dating show’s signature flower. The tagline simply read, “The Bachelorette, Returning Soon to Tuesdays,” and the caption asked followers if they will accept this rose.

In the comments to the post, not everyone was accepting.

Bachelor veteran Nick Viall was one of the first to chime in, noting that he has “questions.”

“We all do,” a few others assured him.

“I demand to speak to the manager WHAT’S GOING ON HERE?” another asked.

“She’s throwing all of the leftover roses she never got to hand out,” a third fan joked.

Others wanted to know where Tayshia was in the teaser.

“Clare looks so gorgeous. Now bring on the #Clayshia promo where they’re both being cute and looking beautiful af,” another person added.

You can see The Bachelorette teaser below.

The new promo was posted hours after an even more ambiguous clip was shared on Instagram, seen here. In that snippet, a female was shown dropping a pair of rose-covered high heels to the ground, causing some fans to comment that it was basically like Clare throwing in the towel.

Of course, one week earlier, the very first promos only showed a silhouette of the program’s titular Bachelorette, and then a mystery lady’s legs for a millisecond. As such, progress does seem to be being made.

Clare’s Bachelorette season has been a rollercoaster ride since day one when production was halted on the eve of the opening night meet-and-greets due to concerns over the coronavirus pandemic. Just when it seemed that The Bachelorette would never get rolling, producers secured an entire resort in California to serve as a quarantined location for the leading lady and her suitors.

But since it was leaked that Clare stopped filming and a replacement was flown in to fill her shoes, all bets were off as to how this installment of the rose-filled reality show will play out.

As for Clare’s face being shown in the promos when Tayshia will actually be taking on most of The Bachelorette duties now, an insider told Entertainment Tonight that Clare’s short-lived journey will “still be a part of” the upcoming season.