A Majority Of Americans Don’t Think Joe Biden Can Last 4 Years In The White House

Joe Biden makes a speech in front of a gray screen.
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A new poll conducted by Rasmussen Reports has found that a majority of Americans believe that presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden would not be able to complete his full four-year term, should he be elected president of the United States.

The polling found that 59 percent of all those polled believed that Biden would be unable to govern for all four years on the job. This figure included nearly half of Democrats — of which 49 percent believed that the former Delaware senator would struggle to complete a full term — in addition to close to three-quarters of Republicans.

It was also noted that the younger the respondent, the more they were likely to believe that Biden would not be able to finish his time in office.

This finding could help explain why Biden had struggled to gain younger followers, who had appeared to heavily favor candidates such as Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

The report came on the heels of Biden’s announcement that California Sen. Kamala Harris would be his running mate. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the news came after months of speculation that had put the 55-year-old in competition with other figures, such as former ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice and former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams.

While the findings may appear to suggest that individuals would accordingly place heavy importance on the vice-presidential choice, data suggests that voters seem to care little about the eventual nominee.

Though three-quarters of voters claimed that the vice-presidential pick is “important” when it comes to their voting decision, less than half — at just 45 percent — placed the same emphasis on Biden’s eventual running mate. Similarly, just under a quarter of respondents claimed that his decision was “very important,” while the percentage usually hovers around 34.

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The majority who did not believe that Biden would last his term claimed that they thought the vice president would take the reins by 2024.

Since Biden had promised a woman of color as his pick — Harris is of Jamaican and Indian descent — minorities placed more importance on his choice than Caucasians.

Unsurprisingly, Biden’s camp has been reported to have put considerable thought and effort into finding his running mate. His campaign has been described as “familiar with the value and potential pitfalls of being a supporting player on the presidential ticket,” via NBC News.

Last but not least, one of the strongest data points from the survey claimed that around half of those questioned had a priority of voting President Donald Trump out of office, no matter the candidate.

The survey was conducted between August 6 and 9 and polled 1,000 individuals who were deemed likely to vote in the election.