‘One Piece’ Chapter 987 Spoilers, Recap: Big Mom’s Eldest Son Joining Forces With Marco The Phoenix

The latest chapter of One Piece manga, which is titled “Vassals of Glory,” hinted at the formation of the temporary alliance between former Whitebeard Pirates first division commander Marco the Phoenix and Big Mom Pirates officer and Totto Land’s Minister of Candy Charlotte Perospero. Though they still consider each other enemies, it seems like Marco and Perospero agreed to temporarily set aside their differences and worked toward their common goal in the ongoing war at Beast Pirates’ headquarters in Onigashima.

Just as the war broke out in the Land of Wano, Marco and Perospero were approaching the entrance of the mansion of Beast Pirates captain and Emperor Kaido. Perospero, along with his brothers and sisters, originally headed into the Land of Wano to get revenge against Monkey D. Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates. However, things started to get more complicated for them when Emperor Charlotte Linlin decided to form an alliance with Emperor Kaido.

Though it would make it easier for them to take down Luffy and his crew, Perospero expressed strong opposition to the idea of joining forces with Emperor Kaido. After the Queen Mama Chanter failed to enter the Land of Wano and fell into the sea for the second time, Linlin’s eldest son decided to go to Onigashima on his own. Using his devil fruit ability, he created a candy wave and immediately headed to their captain’s location.

One Piece features members of the Worst Generation.

Before they landed in Onigashima, Perospero and Marco might have come to an agreement to join forces in taking down Emperor Kaido and his subordinates. As of now, they must be both aware that they would need each other’s help in order to have a realistic chance of beating the strongest creature in the world. Perospero would undeniably be a welcome addition to the Straw Hat Pirates’ alliance.

Aside from possessing the power of Pero Pero no Mi, he could also use two types of Haki – Busoshoku and Kenbunshoku Haki. Though he’s not on the level of Charlotte Katakuri, Charlotte Smoothie, and Charlotte Cracker, Perospero is definitely capable of matching up against any member of the Flying Six, including Page One, X Drake, Ulti, Black Maria, Who’s Who, and Sasaki.

As of now, it remains unknown how Linlin will react once she knows that one of her sons decided to team up with Marco. However, based on the events in One Piece Chapter 987, it seems like she doesn’t really care at all whether Luffy and the Nine Red Scabbards succeed to kill Emperor Kaido or not.