AEW News: Chris Jericho Hints At Possible Date For Mike Tyson Match

During the latest edition of his Saturday Night Special podcast, Chris Jericho revealed that his prospective match with Mike Tyson is still in the works.

As quoted by Sportskeeda, the former All Elite Wrestling World Champion also revealed that the long-brewing showdown could happen at a pay-per-view later this year. Before it does, however, Tyson will have a boxing match.

“He had this fight with Roy Jones Jr. on September 12, which cut down any chances of a match with me on the 5, but you know, like I said, I get that it’s a lot of money at stake and that’s fine. I’m not going anywhere. And we have another PPV in November and we’ll see what happens. I’m ready to kick his a** at any point of time. I’m not scared of him. I’ll tell you that right now.”

If the company continues its tradition of keeping the same annual shows every year, the November pay-per-view will be Full Gear. Jericho has also promised to remain in the company, and seems open to facing Tyson as soon as his schedule allows him to compete.

Tyson and Jericho have been teasing the bout since May. Tyson has made a couple of appearances on AEW shows, and his presence has rekindled a feud with Jericho that can be traced all the way back to a confrontation they had in WWE back in 2010.

In an interview with Wrestle Zone, Jericho explained that now is the perfect time for Tyson’s return to wrestling. According to the AEW star, he’s “Iron Mike” again and his aura is back. While he’s been involved in storylines in the past, the boxer hasn’t had a traditional singles bout in the squared circle.

Jericho understands the importance of making Tyson look strong in the ring, but he doesn’t think it should be a boxing segment. He wants the boxer to wrestle and believes that they can have an entertaining confrontation because they’ll have plenty of interesting options to explore.

The legendary competitor also thinks that he’s the perfect person to face Tyson as he’s been relevant for 30 years and has an in-built history with the veteran boxer.

Tyson is a well-documented fan of sports entertainment, and he’s never been afraid to get physical with its superstars in the past. An in-ring showdown with Jericho probably appeals to him, and his involvement would undoubtedly be a crossover event that brings more eyes to the young promotion’s product.