Janelle Pierzina Seemingly Confirms Rumor That Nicole Franzel Had All-Star Cast Member Kicked Off Roster

Nicole Franzel competes on Big Brother Season 22

Before the cast of Big Brother All Stars 2 was revealed this past Wednesday, rumors and spoilers had taken over the internet regarding which former houseguests would be coming back to play a second, third, and even fourth time. One of the duos rumored to be on the roster for Season 22 was Dan Gheesling and Derrick Levasseur. The former winners are regarded as some of the best to ever play, and fans were more than excited to have the men back on their TVs, battling it out for $500,000 one more time.

But as the premiere date approached, Dan and Derrick were dropped from rumored cast lists, and some shady gossip suggested a current cast member was the reason behind it. As The Inquisitr previously reported, Nicole Franzel allegedly had Dan and Derrick dropped from All-Stars 2 after she mentioned to producers the pair were scheming behind the scenes in a group chat and forming an alliance before the game ever started. Now that Season 22 is in full swing and the live feeds have been turned on, Janelle Pierzina has somewhat confirmed these rumors according to Gold Derby.

In a conversation with Nicole Anthony, Janelle dropped the bomb which has the BB fandom buzzing on Twitter.

“Well, it’s very weird that [Nicole’s] working with Cody [Calafiore] because from what Dan told me, she’s the reason that Derrick isn’t here,” Janelle said.

“So I don’t know. I don’t get it. Like, what the hell did she do? How did she do that? I’m so confused. But that’s what Dan told me.”

Janelle Pierzina competes on Big Brother 22

Janelle’s story suggests that Nicole F. had Derrick booted, and not Dan himself, although the latter is involved in the rumor. She went on to say she doesn’t think Cody knows about what Nicole F. did to get his former alliance member removed from the stellar roster, so it begs the question if she will fill him in later in the season. Derrick and Cody were best friends on BB16 and made it to the final two together, which is why Janelle believes the latter doesn’t know about what Nicole F. possibly did. For now, Cody and “Ratcole” appear to be working together.

After the rumor gained traction on Twitter last week, Derrick shut it down — kind of.

“I won’t lie — Not happy with Nicole right now. But there was never a group chat that I was involved in,” he tweeted.

“My business with my friends is between us. But I will say this: there is ZERO truth to the rumor that Nicole had anything to do with me not being on the show.. So any supporters of mine: Please don’t blame her. I did what was best for my family.”

Dan Gheesling wins Season 10 of Big Brother
Dan Gheesling wins Big Brother Season 10 Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

Dan didn’t comment on Nicole allegedly ratting him out to production, but he did tweet a simple smiley face emoji right around the time that Janelle told Nicole A. the story on the live feeds. This cryptic tweet doesn’t confirm the story, but many fans are assuming it was his shady way of confirming what went down.

Fans are now waiting for Janelle to approach Cody about the gossip, but whether it’s caught on the live feeds remains to be seen. Traditionally, when houseguests discuss something regarding the production of the show or casting, the stream gets cut. It definitely will not make it to the episodes shown on CBS, but Big Brother Twitter always has a way of finding the truth.