‘Big Brother 22’ Week 1 Spoilers: Safety Suite Winner Revealed

The premiere event of Big Brother Season 22 kicks off

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Season 22 of Big Brother.

Big Brother Season 22 has officially kicked off, and two competitions have already been completed. On Wednesday’s live move-in special, Cody Calafiore was crowned the first Head of Household (HOH) of the summer. He has subsequently put two of his roommates up for eviction, which was dramatically affected by the winners of the Safety Suite competition yesterday.

This special twist was hinted at during Wednesday’s episode, but not much detail was given on what the safety comp would entail. Viewers of the live feeds figured it out rather quickly based entirely on conversations from the houseguests that happened before and after the competition. It turns out this twist would give one houseguest total safety for the week, meaning they could not be put on the block. The winner also got to pick a roommate to give safety to, keeping them off the block as well. According to Big Brother Daily, Kaysar Ridha won the new competition and protected Janelle Pierzina from eviction in addition to himself.

The All-Stars were given a VIP pass to the Safety Suite, but they had the opportunity to decide if they wanted to participate in this special comp or not. Houseguests were not required to play as it was entirely voluntary, which suggested those who did were nervous about being put on the block.

Kaysar Ridha competes on Big Brother Season 22

Conversations from the live feeds suggest houseguests might only be able to participate in one of these comps throughout the summer. This is not 100 percent confirmed at this time, and all will be revealed in Sunday night’s episode when host Julie Chen explains the twist to the viewers. For now, it appears as if Kaysar and Janelle may not be able to play in the new challenge moving forward. The two players were the only two who elected to vie for safety this week. Another unanswered question is whether the second competitor who is granted safety by the winner was eligible to be given said safety if they didn’t participate. For instance, if Kaysar could pass safety onto a roommate that didn’t play is unknown.

Another part of the new shakeup is that the loser or losers in the challenge are given some sort of punishment. After losing, despite also getting safety, Janelle was spotted in the house with a large yellow star costume. How long the veteran has to sport the sparkly getup is unknown. In Big Brother season’s past, punishments generally last around one week.