Sadie Robertson Shares Wedding Throwback Photo, Announces Social Media Break

Sadie Robertson is taking some time away from social media.

Sadie Robertson looks on.
Jason Davis / Getty Images

Sadie Robertson is taking some time away from social media.

Sadie Robertson took to Instagram on Friday, August 7, to share a throwback photo from her wedding day last year. The 23-year-old looked gorgeous in her wedding dress as preparations were made prior to the ceremony. In her caption, she revealed that she’ll be taking some time away from social media.

This photograph was unlike the ones that Robertson typically shares on her page. She was not posing and did not even appear aware the photo was being taken. The gorgeous bride looked flawless in a sleeveless gown with a long train. Her blond hair was pulled into a gorgeous updo with a veil fastened into it. All in all, it appeared that she was nearly ready for the day.

Robertson held a mirror in her hand while standing in front of a second mirror so that she could see how her hair had turned out. She appeared serious as she looked at her reflection.

The typical pre-wedding preparations were all around her. People walked about, getting things ready as Robertson took a moment to herself. Taking a moment seemed to be the theme of this particular post. In her caption, Robertson discussed how important it is to take a break from the hustle and bustle and focus on the present. Keeping this in mind, she revealed that she will be taking a week off from posting on Instagram.

The post got a lot of love online, racking up 19,000 likes in mere minutes from her 3.8 million Instagram followers. Her many fans took to the comments section to compliment her on her stunning looks and to commend her for taking time away to focus on what really matters.

“So proud! Love you! You are incredible and hope that this helps your relationship with God! You inspire me and can’t wait to see what God does in this next week! Love ya!” wrote one fan.

“I admire you so much lady! enjoy your break from something so draining…social media,” commented a second person.

“Why?! Hope all is well!” one more person wrote.

It is not surprising that Robertson needs a brief vacation from social media and the internet, as her career is largely based upon it. Robertson is the creator of an online faith-based platform entitled Live Original. The platform is intended to connect Christian women and offer faith-based materials. She also recently launched an app called LO sister, as The Inquisitr previously reported.