'I Quit' Video Gets Company Response

Did you see Marina Shifrin's "I Quit" video? The one where she dances around to a Kanye West song and talks about how unfair she's been treated at her company? Well, Next Media Animation didn't find it too funny.

NMA's commercial director Mark Simon gave a written response to Gawker yesterday to dispute some of Marina's claims. Today, well, NMA did what they do best. They made a funny viral video in response to the "I Quit" video.

Simon said: "Marina actually thinks enough of me to have given me a call the Thursday before she released this to say that she was resigning, which I appreciated... Look, I actually like Marina a great deal. Marina herself has said we are a great company to work for, and I do not think she intended to hurt anyone, but it has happened..."

After Shifrin's video went viral several people assumed that NMA was some sort of sweat shop that worked its employees to the bone. Simon, of course, says that this just isn't true.

He continues: "There is an image now of a sweat shop, we are not. Marina made USD $42k per year. She had a 40 hr work week, 5 days a week. There is no expectation of OT on our behalf, you finish your shift and leave. In our office most folks leave when their shift is up as you work on news flow."

Simon's response addressed all of the points important to the company but it didn't really make us laugh. So today, NMA took the next step and released their own "I quit" video.

You can watch the original "I Quit" video here.