Kanye West’s Bid To Get On The Wisconsin Ballot Faces At Least Two Challenges

Kanye West’s attempt to get on the ballot in Wisconsin may have hit a major snag.

The rapper, who jumped into the White House race after a surprise July 4 announcement that he was running for president, is facing at least two challenges to get his name on the ballot in Wisconsin, WMTV reported. The state’s election commission noted that two legal challenges were filed on Friday claiming that West’s filing failed to meet the proper requirements and should be voided.

As the report noted, both pointed to what they believed to be errors and misleading actions to get the proper signatures.

“The first challenge, filed by Milwaukee-based lawyer Joseph R. Santeler, argues that West did not provide in his nomination papers his real residential address, but instead gave his commercial address, in Wyoming. Santeler continues that West’s nomination papers were not submitted in time on the 5 p.m. deadline last Tuesday, and that circulators – people who ask residents to sign the petition to get a candidate on a ballot – did not state their full address in the nomination papers,” the report noted.

The other complaint was filed by four people who claimed a similar concern, saying that West did not meet the 5 p.m. deadline and misled signatories.

It was not clear if the legal filings would be enough to prevent the rapper from running in the Badger State.

West’s run for president has faced considerable scrutiny, with critics saying that he is only trying to play spoiler to hurt former Vice President Joe Biden and help Donald Trump win re-election. West has been a vocal supporter of the president, even meeting him at the White House and speaking out against the Democratic Party and its candidate.

As The Inquisitr reported, West refused to deny that he is running a spoiler campaign, acknowledging that he had missed the deadline to appear in a number of states and would face an almost impossible task of gaining the necessary support.

There has been particular interest in the Badger State, where Trump won by razor-thin margins in 2016 and where West could make enough of a difference to swing the election. Congressman James Clyburn raised that concern this week, noting that it appears he has been aided by some GOP operatives in the state.

“We saw what was going on in Wisconsin where he was getting help getting on the ballot,” Clyburn said. “But African Americans, most especially, know what this campaign is all about.”

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