Gay US Soccer Star Robbie Rogers Contemplating Return

Robbie Rogers gay

Robbie Rogers, the former US soccer player who retired from the sport earlier this year after announcing he was gay, has revealed he might make a return.

Rogers was speaking to ABC’s Nightline where he divulged information about how he hid his sexuality from fellow professionals. He also talked about how going to see his conservative and Catholic family for the first time since his announcement.

Rogers revealed his sexual orientation in a blog post in February, stating that he feared he would be discriminated because of his sexuality.

In his passage he wrote, “Things are never what they seem. My whole life I have felt different. To overcome your fears you must be strong and have faith in your purpose.”

He then noted, “For the past 25 years I have been afraid to show who I really was because of fear that judgment and rejection would hold me back from my dreams and aspirations.”

In his interview with Nightline, Rogers stated, “Because it’s sports. It’s the stereotype that you’re supposed to be this manly guy that is making tackles. It’s beating up on other guys.”

After struggling with injuries following stints at Columbus Crew, Leeds United, and Stevenage explained, “I think the same things that made it difficult for me to come out also gave me the strength. I was raised to be a voice, to be myself, to be unique, not to follow a pack.”

Rogers refused to say he wouldn’t return to the game, saying, “You grow up learning that who you are isn’t natural, or is a sin. It does have an impact, it scares you, it really scare you.”

He then added, “Gay athletes are athletes. If I go back to soccer, I want to go back as Robbie. I just want it to be as simple as that.”

Do you think Rogers will be able to make a comeback?