‘Hearthstone: Heroes Of Warcraft’ Video Pits Ally Against Ally [Video]

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft recently got a gameplay video on YouTube showing allies fighting one another.

This gameplay video shows a card battle between Jaina Proudmoore, an Alliance archmage, and former horde warchief Thrall. In the Warcraft universe the two share a mutual trust, but this doesn’t stop them from being rivals in the online card game. Blizzard’s upcoming free-to-play collectible card game has the mage fighting the shaman in a shoutcasted “fireside duel.” In the video, you’ll also see other personalities such as the Malygos, Hogger and Archmage Antonidas.

Card dueling began with Pokemon, which eventually turned into a major Nintendo-owned franchise that has taken off astronomically across the globe, even spawning a toy/videogame battle with the recent Pokemon Rumble U. The card dueling videogame idea didn’t really seem to mature itself until YuGi-Oh! gained a foothold, and then videogame card duels began sprouting everywhere, including the more recent Marvel War of Heroes for smartphones, where you can enter a code before you start playing to unlock the ultra powerful Jean Grey card.

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft takes the online collectible card game experience and plugs Blizzard’s own characters into the equation.

The video starts with the narrator saying, “Thanks for joining us for another Hearthstone shoutcast.” We see a screen with two gold triangles vibrating with sparks over what looks like a spinning red field, with the words above stating that it’s finding an opponent.

The narrator continues, “This time we’re playing as Jaina Proudmoore, the mage.” The spinning red field settles on Reasonable Opponent, which sits between Easy Pickings and Rouged up Rogue. The narrator announces, “We’ve found our opponent. Let the battle begin!”

We see what look like arched windows with pictures of the mage and the shaman. The mage is holding a pulsing ball of blue energy and wearing a semi-revealing blue hooded outfit. The shaman appears to be of the orc variety, his gloved hand holding a ball of yellow energy as he’s wearing giant red beads and a brown hood.

The rest of the gameplay video is above.

What do you think of the gameplay video footage of Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft?