Lauren Simpson Gives Instagram Followers A Show Of Her Sizzling Physique In Skintight Booty Shorts

Fitness model Lauren Simpson added a new workout video to her large Instagram collection on Monday, August 3, in which she showed off her sizzling physique in a spandex outfit while training her lower body.

The outfit consisted of a sports bra and booty shorts, both in a light-blue color. The bra included a small cut-out along the chest and spaghetti straps, giving viewers an eyeful of her sculpted upper body. The shorts rose high on her hips and cut just below her pert booty, showing off her chiseled and bulky leg muscles. A gap between the top and bottoms teased Lauren’s toned tummy.

Lauren completed the look with a pair of white Nike sneakers that featured decorative strips of red and purple. She pulled her long, platinum-blond tresses back into a low ponytail and secured loose strands with a bobby pin. The model accessorized with a pair of glitzy stud earrings and a black exercise watch.

The workout took place at a gym called Athletic Culture, according to the geotag on the post. Lauren used a variety of equipment, including exercise machines, barbells, a resistance band, and benches. The main routine featured five exercises with an additional three-exercise finisher. In the caption of the post, the fitness trainer outlined the moves and the number of sets and reps her followers should do for each.

The routine began with dead-stop hip thrusts, performed with a heavy barbell on a specialized piece of equipment designed to accommodate the activity. She followed up with good mornings in which she placed a large bar across her upper back and bent over, repeating the move several times. The third exercise was the Smith machine reverse lunge. With the same heavy weight across her shoulders, Lauren carried out a series of lunges.

The last two moves in the main section of the workout were the reverse hack squat and the leg extension. Both used specialized machines designed to work specific muscle groups. The finisher included three exercises that all worked to extend the back. The first incorporated the resistance band and weight for resistance, the second just the band, and the third was bodyweight only.

Lauren’s latest post earned more than 12,000 likes and nearly 200 comments within the first day. Many of Lauren’s followers complimented her figure in their comments and expressed their appreciation for her helpful videos.

“Great routine and you are always super stunning. That outfit is amazing on you,” one Instagram user commented.

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