Lauren Simpson Shows Off Sculpted Backside In Purple Booty Shorts For Glutes Workout

Fitness model Lauren Simpson posted a new glutes workout video to her Instagram page, showing off her sculpted backside in a pair of purple booty shorts.

The garment included a thick waistband and extended to just past her backside, giving viewers an eyeful of her curves and leaving the length of her toned legs exposed. The booty shorts also included a ruched pattern up the back that flattered her derrière.

On her upper body, Lauren wore a long-sleeved crop top made of a slightly transparent material that hinted at a blue sports bra underneath. The top left a strip of her sculpted midsection on display. The outfit was from her personal shop, where she sells activewear, supplements, and her meal and training programs.

For footwear, the fitness trainer went with a pair of black sneakers. She pulled her long platinum-blond hair back into a ponytail and secured loose strands with a bobby pin to keep her tresses from bothering her while she worked out.

Lauren took to the gym for her glutes workout, completing a total of six exercises. The routine required the use of dumbbells, a kettle bell, a resistance band, and a couple of weight machines.

She began the circuit with a set of hip thrusts using specialized equipment. She specified in her caption that anyone without access to this machine could use a barbell or smith machine. The second exercise was the DB Romanian deadlift. Lauren bent her body at the waist and extended her arms toward the floor with a dumbbell secured in each hand. She then slightly straightened her body with small and repetitive movements.

The third slide showed the seated leg press, which also required the use of specialized machinery in the gym. She followed up with the abductor machine and then continued with straddle lifes. Lauren positioned both feet on a stack of steps with a space in between each stack. She held a kettle bell in both hands and squatted while pulling up on the weight. The final exercise in the routine was the lateral band walk using the resistance band.

In the caption, Lauren added a seventh move that wasn’t demonstrated in the video series — the frog pump. She also wrote out the number of sets and reps her followers should do for each exercise.

Within the first hour, the post gained several thousand likes and dozens of comments from her adoring fans.

“Amazing workout babe, thank you so much,” one user wrote in the comments section.

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