Stephanie Sanzo Powers Through Insane Upper Body Workout Alongside Inspirational Message To Her Fans

Fitness model Stephanie Sanzo took to popular social media platform Instagram on Sunday, August 2, to post an upper-body circuit in which she showed off her killer physique. In the accompanying caption, Stephanie gave her fans some words of wisdom.

The fitness trainer wore a white sports bra with a low neckline and scooped back that showed off her arms, shoulders, and upper back. A gap between the top and bottoms teased Stephanie’s toned tummy. She added a pair of gray leggings to her lower half, which rose up over her bellybutton and extended to her ankles. The spandex material clung to her muscular curves.

For footwear, Stephanie went with a pair of white sneakers and tall gray socks with white stripes. She wore her blond tresses in a messy bun on top of her head and accessorized with a thin, gold necklace, several stud earrings, and glitzy barrettes.

The workout took place at the gym where Stephanie took advantage of the variety of available exercise equipment. She used dumbbells, a barbell, and a black exercise bench. She completed a total of five exercises, filmed in one long shot. In the caption of the post, she wrote out the moves and specified the number of sets and reps trainees should do for each.

Stephanie jumped into the routine with feet-up presses. She lied down on a flat bench and performed a series of chest presses with a large barbell. She followed up with dumbbell incline presses. Leaning back against an inclined bench, Stephanie completed a similar move but with a set of dumbbells.

The third exercise was the Bradford press. Standing with her feet spread, Stephanie held a barbell in her hands that she pushed up and over her head to rest on her upper back and then pushed it back over to her chest, repeating the move. Lateral raises came next and were also carried out from standing position. Stephanie ended the workout with close-grip push-ups from the floor.

The fitness trainer penned an inspirational message in her caption, writing out a quote from Napoleon Hill⁣ about how every adversity, every failure, and every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit. She also wrote that life is testing everyone right now and that the point of tests is to help us grow and measure our capabilities. The model added that tough times don’t last but tough people do.

Stephanie assured her followers that if they can do it once, they can do it again.

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