Ivanka Trump And Jared Kushner Made At Least $36.2M In Outside Income Last Year, Disclosures Show

Newly released financial disclosures show that Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner made at least $36.2 million in outside income last year, according to The Washington Post.

The couple’s income for 2019 showed an increase of at least $7 million compared to 2018, with most of the revenue coming from outside business interests, including real estate and the slate of hotels for the Trump Organization. The Washington Post noted that the filings suggest Jared and Ivanka earned as much as $157 million, though it was unclear exactly how much they’d made.

The Hill wrote that it’s nearly impossible to come up with an exact number for their outside earnings because of the way the disclosures are set up.

“The Office of Government Ethics does not require them to file exact amounts, however, only a range of the assets and liabilities, meaning it’s unclear the exact amount of outside income they brought in for 2019.”

The couple reported assets between $203.8 and $782.8 million last year, an increase from the $181 to $755 million reported in 2018.

The Hill added that both have Kushner and Trump have come under fire for their high earnings while serving in top White House positions, which is seen as a potential conflict of interest given that both have worked with foreign leaders who have ties to private business holdings. Others pointed out that they are increasing their wealth during their time in the administration.

The Hill also pointed out that Kushner has pulled back from previous promises to divest some of his private financial interests.

“Kushner was recently expected to divest from a tech startup after it was revealed that it had been partially fueled by foreign investors, but earlier this month chose not to go through with the plan, cited the report. His stake in the company reportedly ranges from $25 million to $50 million, totaling nearly 2.5 million shares.”

The financial dealings of all the adult children of President Donald Trump have come under greater scrutiny amid the 2020 presidential race, as he claimed that Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, improperly enriched himself through his father. Trump has accused the younger Biden of improper dealings with Ukraine, a claim that ultimately led to his impeachment because he pressed Ukraine to launch an investigation.

The president’s own dealings have faced particularly sharp scrutiny, especially as he refused to divest from his holdings as past leaders have done. Trump instead said that he was turning over the operation of his company to his adult sons, though critics have said that he has failed to fully cut ties and is improperly pushing government resources and taxpayer money into his own company.