Eric Trump Boasts About His Father’s ‘Great Numbers!!’ After New Rasmussen Poll Released

President Donald Trump’s middle son, Eric Trump, took to Twitter on Friday to celebrate some new polling results. He shared what he felt was fantastic news with his followers and his post generated a lot of responses.

Trump’s tweet referenced new results from Rasmussen Reports that tracked his father’s daily approval numbers. His note expressed how thrilled he was to see a 50 percent approval and he added several flag emoji to the tweet.

The new breakdown from the polling entity also indicated that 48 percent of those polled responded that they disapproved of the president. Additional percentages came in with 39 strongly approved and 43 strongly disapproved of the commander in chief, leaving him with a net negative four percent approval.

As the site revealed, those numbers did slightly beat former President Barack Obama when comparing specific dates. The totals were calculated using a selection of 1,500 likely voters and had a margin of error of three points.

“I am so glad! They are always making it look so bleak for him and it gets tiring to listen to!” one supporter praised.

Eric Trump attends the third day of the Republican National Convention

More than 11,500 people liked the post in just a few hours. It was reshared by more than 3,000 folks and it also generated around 1,200 comments. Naturally, some of those were supportive responses. However, the majority of them were not.

“It’s Rasmussen. Seriously. Did they ask anyone outside the White House or the trump family? Rasmussen is about as trustworthy as a trump on a charity board,” one critic wrote.

A number of people used this opportunity to highlight other statistics associated with the current administration. Some focused on coronavirus-related details, while others leaned in on the state of the economy. These were not flattering notes.

As of this writing, it did appear that the negative responses outnumbered the positive ones.

“Super happy for y’all! Keep making America great!” someone tweeted.

“Oh yes. America is doing so well right now. This week had the worst economic numbers in US history, we are unable to travel to a majority of other countries, people don’t have jobs because of the handling of the COVID-19 pandemic…” another person commented in response.

Trump, his wife Lara, and others in the family’s inner circle are consistent in their praise and support for the current administration. They are already heavily involved in the reelection efforts heading into the November presidential election. Given that, it’s not a surprise that these new polling results have generated some excitement within the group.