‘Fuse’ Developer Insomniac Aims For Something Fresh

Fuse developer Insomniac is aiming for something fresh in a sea of sequels.

Insomniac Games president Ted Price is tired of sequels. Deep down, most of us probably feel the same way. Sequels can ruin or drag out what made a game successful in the first place. Even if a game produces several successful sequels, after a while you start asking yourself why you’re still playing the same game. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater did it, Mortal Kombat did it, and look where both of those series went.

But in a world where everything’s been done, how do you make something fresh? Ted Price says:

“There’s no question that it’s a challenge. There are plenty of news items to take gamers’ focus off of this generation. For us, the opportunity was to be a new IP in a sea of sequels, offer something very fresh for players to check out when they’ve been playing, essentially, the same games for the last 5 or 6 years. What we wanted to do with co-op in particular was raise the bar and offer features that no other co-op games are offering at this point. Fuse was a great opportunity for us to do that.”

Does anyone else think the hero of Fuse resembles Joanna Dark from Perfect Dark? Again, everything’s been done.

Insomniac is making Fuse for current generation consoles, and if it does well, they’ll consider putting it on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720. Ted Price stated that he believes Sony is really on to something with the PlayStation Vita, combining the portable consoles with the next generation. Perhaps that’s what he’s thinking of with Fuse. Insomniac may be making Fuse in a way that uses the PlayStation 3 and the Vita, much like what Nintendo did with Wii U’s Need for Speed: Most Wanted U.

Fuse has a storyline that asks the question, ”What would happen if humanity got ahold of a substance we were never supposed to have?” Apparently the substance gives us unlimited power, and if history has taught us anything, power tends to reflect the will of whoever wields it.

How do you feel about Insomniac Games making Fuse something fresh in a sea of sequels?