‘General Hospital’ Teases Fans ‘We Wouldn’t Miss Our First Five Minutes Back’ Ahead Of Return Of New Shows

Cynthia Watros plays Nina Reeves on 'General Hospital'
Valerie Durant / ABC

ABC just took their hype for the new episodes of General Hospital to the next level with their latest Instagram post. After broadcasting reruns for the past couple of months, production recently resumed and fresh shows begin airing again on Monday, August 3. Based on this new teaser, viewers will want to do their best to catch this first episode from the second it begins.

The Instagram post features a photo of Kelly Monaco, who plays Sam McCall. General Hospital teases that the wait will take just four more days, and then the caption shares just enough to get people guessing. Apparently, the first five minutes of Monday’s episode will be shocking in some way and viewers will not want to miss it. Unfortunately, nothing more specific was revealed with this tease.

General Hospital spoilers have already detailed that the August 3 show will include plenty of action with Nelle Benson’s court battle against Michael Corinthos. Nina Reeves and Jasper “Jax” Jacks will be seen, as will Ned and Olivia Quartermaine.

Teasers have also noted that Valentin Cassadine will be chatting with Brook Lynn Quartermaine, and this had just started when ABC ran out of pre-taped content.

As Soap Central recapped at the time, there were a handful of cliffhangers incorporated into that last new episode. Now, General Hospital teasers seem to be suggesting that something critical related to one of these cliffhangers moves forward in a major way as soon as the action in Port Charles begins again.

Which characters will be involved in this one? A strong possibility would be that Nina sees that Nelle has the heart necklace that signals they are mother and daughter.

The last that General Hospital viewers saw, the Crimson editor had just taken the stand in court. She had a huge decision to make regarding whether she would support her assistant or stick with her original promise to support Michael’s side in this fight. Even Jax admitted to Carly he didn’t know what was going to happen next, and it wouldn’t be a stretch to think that Monday’s show will start with this situation.

As everybody will remember, neither Nelle nor Nina knows that the other woman has part of that significant piece of jewelry. This revelation will be a huge shocker to both of them, but General Hospital viewers will have to wait and see whether this takes a big leap forward right away or perhaps takes a little longer to progress.

Whatever it is that writers have in store for the next steps in these juicy storylines, General Hospital fans will be ready for it.