Sean Parker Spending $9 Million On Wedding Decorations

Facebook billionaire Sean Parker is getting married, and it won’t be a wedding on the cheap. The Napster founder and eventual Facebook employee has dropped an estimated $9 million to create a temporary backdrop for his wedding ceremony.

Parker and fiance Alexandra Lenas will tie the knot at the super-expensive Ventana Inn in Big Sur, California. The wedding will take place on June 1.

The couple have planned an over-the-top ceremony with a fun medieval theme. To engulf their invitees in a medieval atmosphere, Parker has created fake ruins, waterfalls, bridges, a gated cottage, and other authentic artifacts. The couple chose the Ventana Inn because they could put their backdrop against the areas surrounding forest.

One of the biggest single item spends was a $600,000 entrance gate and a $350,000 dance floor. Parker and Alexandra have also dropped $1 million on plants and flowers.

When all decorations are accounted for, the couple will spend $8.6 million in decorations. Throw in what we are sure will be a very expensive meal, an expensive wedding dress, and other items, and you are looking at $9+ million for a single wedding.

And there’s more! Sean Parker hired the costume designer from the Lord of the Ring to create costumes for his wedding guests.

So what happens to the wedding backdrops after the ceremony is completed? Everything will be thrown away.

While spending $9 million on wedding decorations might sound like a crazy expense, it is only a very small portion of the Napster founders overall fortune thanks to his early involvement in Facebook.

Could you justify ever spending $9 million on wedding decorations even if you were filthy rich?

[Image via AllThingsD]