‘Iron Man 3’ Clip Debuts During MTV Movie Awards [Video]

A new clip from Iron Man 3 debuted during the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday.

The latest video from Shane Black’s highly-anticipated superhero flick showcases an intense shootout at Tony Stark’s house. As several helicopters lay waste to his spacious cliffside dwelling, Stark quickly dons a suit of armor.

Although the latest clip from Iron Man 3 is under a minute long, it gives fans a good look at the sort of action-packed sequences Black and company have put together for the sequel. It’s a genuinely intense little preview, and it certainly leaves you wanting more.

This isn’t the only slice of Iron Man-related news to be released over the past few days. The folks at Latino Review posted a description of what they claim is the end credits sequence from the film. This is supposedly from someone who attended the recent premiere in Paris.

The description from the sequence has been included below. However, it does contain quite a few spoilers. If you want to be surprised by what happens at the end of Iron Man 3, then you might want to skip over this text and move straight to the new MTV Movie Awards clip.

“It starts with a close shot of Tony Stark on a couch talking about his various traumas, as if he was seeing a [psychiatrist]. The tone of the scene is light and funny. Then we discover that the person he’s talking to is Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo), who fell asleep because of Tony’s boring story. Tony remarks that Banner has been sleeping during most of his story and yells at him, and Banner just mumbles and says ‘You know, I’m not that kind of doctor!’ Then Tony recalls another memory and resumes his monologue, and then we see Banner starting to fall asleep again.”

Shane Black’s Iron Man 3 will arrive in the US on May 3. Are you looking forward to the latest installment of Marvel’s franchise?