Aubrey Plaza Pulls Bizarre Stunt, Gets Booted From MTV Awards [Video]

Aubrey Plaza must have been experiencing an insatiable popcorn craving at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards last night. During the ceremony, the actress pulled a bizarre stunt that involved stage-crashing, actor Will Farrell, and one of MTV’s iconic popcorn-shaped awards.

Will Ferrell was chatting up the crowd during his acceptance of MTV’s Comedic Genius Golden Popcorn award when Aubrey Plaza crashed the stage. While the Parks and Recreation star didn’t have much to say during the odd encounter, she did attempt to snatch the popcorn statuette from Ferrell’s hands.

MTV award ceremonies are often the breeding ground for outlandish celebrity stunts, usually planned in advance with the network’s stamp of approval.

However, Plaza’s strange behavior was an apparent bid at drawing attention to her upcoming movie The To Do List. Sporting a strapless dress, she had haphazardly scribbled the title of the film across her chest.

Finally conceding the spotlight back to Will Ferrell, Plaza left the stage and sullenly returned to the audience. Meanwhile, Ferrell made light of the situation while addressing the crowd.

“Aubrey Plaza, everyone,” Ferrell joked as the actress gave up and headed back to her seat. “Just like we rehearsed it. Perfect, it was perfect. Not too long, not too short. Right on the money.”

While viewers may have laughed at Plaza’s Kanye West moment, MTV failed to find the humor. The network promptly booted the actress from the awards ceremony.

You can watch the awkward “popcorn fight” between Aubrey Plaza and Will Ferrell below:

MTV may be disgruntled over the unscripted stage-crashing stunt, but Will Ferrell seems to be taking the incident in stride. Moments after the assault on his popcorn statuette, the actor offered an amusing take on Plaza’s antics.

“Well I went up there and I started talking and Aubrey Plaza ran up onstage,” Ferrell joked backstage. “And I think she wanted to tell me something important, but there was no message. It was just a lot of hot liquor breath. And, then, a little bit of sweat. And then she ran away. But the ship sailed on.”

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