Neighbor Sends A Black Family A Racist Letter, ‘Consider Moving To A ‘Hood’ Of Your Kind’

The Sprouls, a Black family from Florida, were shocked and disturbed after reportedly receiving a racist letter from a neighbor. The message was received after they put up signs in their yard celebrating their twin daughters’ high school graduation. Not only did the neighbor insult the girls’ appearances, but they allegedly told the family to leave the neighborhood, according to NBC News.

The letter in question was received last Thursday and was written by an anonymous individual. The display that the neighbor was apparently angry about featured a photo of the Sproul twins, Xanah and Xarah. They also had letters posted in their yard that spelled out the message, “& Still We Rise, Love Is Beautiful” along with heart, flower, and American flag icons.

While it appeared to simply be a way to celebrate the twins’ academic achievement, the unnamed individual allegedly despised the display and made their feelings known in the letter.

“Don’t you think enough is enough? It’s time to take those hideous posters of that ugly fat black girl down off your house. What a disgrace to the neighborhood. In fact, your entire brood is a disgrace to the neighborhood. Consider moving to a ‘hood’ of your kind. Your neighbors are watching you!”

The girls’ parents are David and Toya Sproul. David expressed how upset he was upon reading the letter, particularly because it targeted his young daughters.

“I would say that was coldblooded because it was directed about kids. Even if it wasn’t about race, to do something like that to a child, say something like that to children is terrible,” he said.

David did allow his daughters to view the letter. Luckily, the twins did not let the hateful message bother them. They recognized that the person who wrote it does not know them and that their opinion was not important.

Toya shared a photo of the letter online, noting that they were not scared. Since the post went viral, the family has been receiving positive, encouraging messages from people all over the world who came across the story. The kind messages have really meant a lot to them.

“The positivity that came out of something so negative is really good to see,” said David.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, the topic of racism is being discussed now perhaps more heavily than it has been in years. Racist actions are also being met with harsh consequences. Controversial radio host Dianna Ploss recently lost her job after a viral video was shared of her harassing Hispanic men trying to work.

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