Radio Host Dianna Ploss Loses Job After Racist Rant On Video

Dianna Ploss was formerly a radio host in New Hampshire for WSMN 1590. However, she recently lost her job after she yelled at landscapers for not speaking English. Strangely enough, she posted the video of the incident to her own Facebook page where it then went viral and earned backlash, according to TMZ.

In the video, which Ploss filmed herself, she confronts a group of men that are trying to work and asks them why they are not speaking English. One man began to explain that they know how to speak English but were choosing to speak Spanish to one another.

“But it’s America, you should be speaking English,” she said angrily.

She then went on to say that if the men were working for the state, they should be speaking English. There is no law within the state that requires this. They explained that they don’t work for the state but rather for a private company. Nevertheless, she was still not appeased and went on a bizarre rant about communism and other topics, at one point even questioning if the men were illegal.

The employees continued on with their work while she continued to yell at them, and she recorded their vehicle so as to capture the name of the company. At one point an African American man who had been eating lunch nearby approached Ploss and defended the men, telling her to stop harassing them while they did their job. She then went off on him, even making fun of him for wearing a face mask.

“Because he’s a Black man. He’s gonna protect the brown man from this white woman,” she said.

WSMN released a statement about the incident, emphasizing that Ploss is no longer employed with them and they do not stand for racism.

“Dianna Ploss is no longer associated or affiliated in any way with WSMN or Bartis-Russell Broadcasting, LLC. We at WSMN value freedom of speech, freedom of expression and assembly. We will not tolerate discrimination, racism or hatred. We continue to present and offer on air opportunities for discussion, education and the exchange of opinions and ideas,” they said in a statement.

Unfortunately, this is only one of many videos depicting racism that have flooded social media in recent weeks. Another video that went viral for similar reasons was that of Amy Cooper who called 911 on an African American man who asked her to put her dog on a leash. She too lost her job, as The Inquisitr previously reported.

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