Tugboat Sinks Off California Coast

Four people were rescued after a tugboat sank off the California coast over the weekend.

The Coast Guard explained that a distress call was received on Saturday from a boat called Delta Captain. Two tugboats and a helicopter were sent to the scene to investigate the situation.

Authorities discovered four people floating in a life raft off the northern coast of California near Big Sur. A rescue diver was dropped into the water to help assist the individuals. Once they were loaded onto the helicopter, the unidentified crew members were taken to the shore for medical treatment.

Paramedics were on the scene to assist the Coast Guard with any injuries the crew may have suffered when the tugboat sank. However, no injuries were reported once everyone was checked out.

The crew explained to authorities that the tugboat may still be attached to the cable they were using to pull a barge. Efforts were being made to recover the vessel on Saturday afternoon. However, it’s currently unclear what caused the tugboat to sink.

It’s being reported that the boat had roughly 18,000 gallons of fuel on-board when it sank. The Department of Fish and Wildlife Office of Spill Prevention and Response has set up a post in the area to keep an eye on the situation. However, no spills have been reported as of this writing.

News of the Coast Guard’s rescue mission arrives days after a tugboat sank at a US Naval base near Guantanamo Bay. The 60-foot tug called Little Debbie was reportedly operated by an independent contractor. No injuries were reported following the accident.

Although the bay and its beaches were closed as a result, tugboat operations continued as scheduled. Officials are looking into the incident.

Authorities are currently investigating what caused a tugboat to sink off the coast of Northern California.

[Image via Shutterstock.com]