Joe Biden Says Announcement On Vice Presidential Pick Coming During First Week Of August

Presumptive 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said at a campaign event on Tuesday that he would announce his choice for a vice-presidential running mate a little later than August 1, as he had previously signaled, Forbes reported.

The campaign event was uploaded to YouTube by the campaign and it covered quite a bit of ground.

"I'm going to have a choice in the first week of August. I promise I'll let you all know when I do," Biden told reporters at the event.

While some supporters may believe that he has already picked his running mate, that truly may not be the case. He mentioned needing to have some face-to-face meetings with his shortlist of candidates, joking that he needed to figure out a way to trick the press so details wouldn't leak.

Biden also noted he planned to wear a face mask throughout these in-person meetings. He apparently wouldn't address whether he would have a coronavirus test done first, but he did note that he has not yet been tested for the virus.

Former U.S. Vice President and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden speaks during a campaign kickoff rally
Getty Images | Drew Angerer

In May, Biden had told people he was aiming to be ready to make his announcement on August 1. That may not be entirely off the table, but it does sound as if those anxious for a big Saturday reveal might need to hold tight for a few extra days.

Biden has said he will choose a woman as his running mate and there has been quite a bit of talk that he would pick a woman of color. While he has not publicly revealed his shortlist of candidates, a small handful of female politicians are commonly presumed to currently be under consideration.

California Senator Kamala Harris has been touted as a strong contender for some time now and she is believed to remain on the shortlist. Others garnering numerous mentions amid all of the speculation include Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Illinois Sen. Tammy Duckworth, and California Representative Karen Bass.

Female politicians like Florida Rep. Val Demings, Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, and former Obama National Security Advisor Susan Rice have often been mentioned as well.

Even if it takes slightly longer for Biden to pin down his decision, an announcement is definitely on the horizon. People are anxious to see which woman Biden picks and no matter whom he chooses, the revelation regarding his pick is bound to generate a lot of buzz and boost the campaign's momentum.