‘General Hospital’ Weekly Teasers: Michael’s Battling, Nelle Brings Surprises & Sonny’s Struggling

During the week of July 27, General Hospital fans will revisit exactly what was happening in Port Charles before ABC shifted into reruns. New episodes begin again on Monday, August 3 and the next few shows will take everybody back to the final bits of action that played out in May.

As SheKnowsSoaps detailed, on Monday, viewers will see the General Hospital episode that originally aired on May 14. At this point, Diane was preparing Michael for the court hearing over Wiley, while the little boy’s dramatic mother was getting ready to make a jaw-dropping entrance.

Carly crossed paths with Chase, but fans will remember that she quickly figured out the supposed fling he had with Sasha was fake. Chase ended up getting a bit of unexpected support from her as a result. Elsewhere, Nina and Sasha crossed paths, though that one wasn’t a particularly friendly encounter.

Tuesday’s General Hospital will show what came next. Nelle stunned everybody by announcing she had gotten married. Her adversaries would soon learn that she managed to marry Julian, but so far, others don’t yet know how she accomplished that feat.

Jordan met with Sonny and warned him as the dance around Cyrus continued. Ava was feeling defensive as she prepared for her big portrait unveiling and Josslyn was experiencing some emotional moments.

Roger Howarth and Rebecca Herbst play Franco and Elizabeth on 'General Hospital'

On Wednesday’s General Hospital, Elizabeth will be honest with Jason. This conversation took place after she checked in on Mike. She urged Jason to guide Sonny to a place of acceptance.

Franco was feeling off-kilter a result of the fight he’d had with Elizabeth thanks to Ava. Nelle showed her support for Nina and Diane met up with Carly to prepare for what would come next in the hearing.

Thursday’s rerun of General Hospital will remind viewers of how Carly’s credibility came under fire and how Michael was defending his choices as the hearing progressed. Laura would pay a visit to Lulu and Franco met up with Elizabeth.

As the week ends, General Hospital fans will watch as Nelle makes the most of her opportunity in court. Valentin shared some jaw-dropping news and Laura fretted that Robert’s take on what happened to Holly will cause him more grief.

Sasha’s struggles led her to pop some pills and Jax headed to Nina’s office at Crimson to check in on her. Everybody will remember that right before General Hospital shifted to all reruns, Maxie picked up on what could be a significant development in her life as well.

Some General Hospital spoilers have emerged detailing what will occur on the first five new episodes. All of the chaos picks up right where it left off, which has caused fans to be even more excited for the show’s return.