WWE News: Sarah Logan And Erik Reveal Gender And Name Of Their Baby

Sarah Logan appears on WWE television

Sarah Logan and WWE’s Erik took to their YouTube channel on Friday to reveal the gender and name of their first child, as documented by Ringside News. The couple stated that they’re having a son, and went on to discuss his name and their reason for choosing it.

“We had actually picked out names for whether it was a boy or a girl. And because it’s a boy, we are going to name him Raymond Cash Rowe. I’m named after my father who’s named after his father. He will be Raymond, son of Raymond. We’ve been calling him ‘Baby Cash’ just to, kind of, separate, because I was ‘Jr.’, and he’s going to have a different middle name than me.”

In the video, Erik stated that he was also looking forward to having a daughter someday. He hoped that she’d be like his wife, but he still believes that their son will act like Logan in many ways. Logan, meanwhile, claimed that she’s happy about the outcome as the child will take after the best man she knows.

The pair also stated that they had a feeling the baby would be a male. As The Inquisitr previously reported, Logan said she felt like she was carrying a boy when she first announced the big news earlier this month.

At the time, Logan discussed how she was happy at the thought of having a little guy. She also opened up about how she never planned to have kids until she met her husband. Since they got together, however, she’s wanted to build a life with him and start a family.

In the latest video, Logan talked about how each stage of the pregnancy has gone according to plan thus far. She’s also shared that she’s loved the experience.

Additionally, the couple discussed how they plan on raising their offspring. According to Erik, his own dad is his hero, and he wants their child to feel that way about him. He plans on raising him to be masculine and stressed the importance of instilling him with good values. The spouses want him to respect women and understand what love is.

Logan and Erik aren’t the only people who are excited about the pregnancy revelation. The Ringside News report highlighted how Liv Morgan plans on being a cool aunt who will play a big part in his life.

The huge life milestone has also brought some happiness to the couple’s lives following an uncertain 2020, as Logan was released by WWE back in April. Erik currently competes on the Monday Night Raw brand.