WWE Rumors: Wade Barrett Claims One Former Nexus Member Wasn't Invited To Planned Reunion

Earlier this week, former WWE superstar Wade Barrett looked back once again on his stint with the company and discussed the planned reunion of his old faction, The Nexus, that never pushed forward as rumored. He also claimed that one specific member of the stable was not invited to take part in the angle.

As quoted by WrestlingNews.co, Barrett spoke to entertainment reporter Chris Van Vliet in an interview that was posted on his YouTube channel on Tuesday. After looking back on how his time with his former employer was marred by injuries and supposedly questionable creative decisions, the onetime King of the Ring winner was asked about the rumors that The Nexus would be reuniting at WrestleMania 36, close to 10 years after they made their main roster debut.

"They called me about it," Barrett recalled. "They made a pitch to me. I hadn't actually spoken to anybody in WWE for the better part of four years, in management anyway. So, this was the first contact I had pretty much since I left."

After admitting that he turned down the offer to reunite because he wasn't too impressed by the ideas the promotion had come up with, Barrett suggested that there were a few members that would have still been involved, including Darren Young. He added, however, that Ryback was, for some reason, not invited to participate in the angle.

"They didn't want Skip Sheffield back," Barrett said, referring to Ryback's original ring name. "He was a bit upset about that, I joke."

Nexus members Skip Sheffield (Ryback), David Otunga, Justin Gabriel, Wade Barrett, Heath Slater, and Michael Tarver (L-R) stand in the ring.

Since getting released by WWE in 2016, Ryback has spoken up multiple times about his supposed issues during his time in the promotion. Most recently, he accused the company of exploiting its talent, explaining on his podcast that wrestlers "die younger than everyone" due to the nature of their work and their grueling schedule, as quoted by Wrestling Inc. He also accused chairman Vince McMahon of not paying his wrestlers enough money and preventing them from exploring other opportunities outside the wrestling business.

Prior to Barrett, another former Nexus member talked about the plans for the stable to reunite on television and how they ultimately fell through. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Young told The VP Show in May that the coronavirus pandemic was to blame for the cancellation of the reunion, adding that it would have been nice for the group's members to get back together as "seasoned" veterans, one decade after debuting as youthful up-and-comers.