‘The Bachelorette’ Spoilers: Clare Crawley Spotted Filming At Last

Lorenzo BevilaquaABC

It looks like Clare Crawley might finally be getting her chance to hand out roses and look for her Mr. Right by leading her own journey as The Bachelorette. After months of postponements due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Clare has been spotted with a camera crew and seems to be in the early stages of filming.

Last week, it was revealed that Clare and her group of bachelors would be isolated at the La Quinta Resort in California. The plan was to test everybody for COVID-19 as soon as they arrived, and then keep everyone isolated for a week or so. From there, production hoped to be able to start filming the new season, keeping everybody secluded with regular testing incorporated to ensure that everybody stayed COVID-free.

Now, The Daily Mail snagged some photos showing Clare with a camera crew. The photos were shared on the media outlet’s site late Friday afternoon and she was seen wearing red yoga pants, sandals, and a black tank top. Her long, blond hair was parted on the side and cascading over her shoulders and down her back in casual waves. In addition, a face mask could be seen hanging along the side of her face, dangling from one ear.

The other crew members with Clare all had face masks on, and the group was at California’s La Quinta Resort. Clare seemed to have a large travel bag hanging over one arm in one of the photos, and she stood with her hands on her hips listening to a cameraman in another shot.

Featured image credit: David BuchanGetty Images

There did not appear to be any suitors with her, so it is not clear at this point whether this was more background filming for Clare’s season or if the group was embarking upon the first stages of some dates or introductions.

This season of The Bachelorette will definitely be different in a lot of respects, given the extensive coronavirus precautions. The traditional mansion will not be used, and there will not be any exotic travel destinations incorporated. It is expected that Clare and all of her suitors will remain at the La Quinta for the duration of the experience, and it has been reported that no visitors or media will be allowed to be on the set.

ABC is aiming to air Clare’s journey to find love this fall on Tuesday nights. Additional details regarding the state of this process will likely emerge soon.