'Double Shot At Love' Spoilers: Marissa 'Nauseous' Over Nikki & Pauly D's Flirting

The latest episode of A Double Shot at Love features some flirting between Nikki and Jersey Shore: Family Vacation star Pauly D. The couple, who ended their relationship during Season 1 of the MTV series, appeared to have rekindled their feelings for one another. In a scene posted to the show's official Instagram page, Nikki and Pauly teased one another as their roommates looked on, leading Marissa to claim their exchange made her "nauseous."

Nikki ate a salty snack in the clip. Pauly told her she would mess up her makeup by eating them. She attempted to rub her fingers, coated with orange powder, onto his face. He told her not to get anything on him. Nikki then reached over and dotted Pauly's face with the orange powder, leading him to quip that was the nicest thing anyone had ever done for him.

"Pauly and Nikki...their flirting is literally like watching two kids in preschool. It makes me kinda nauseous," said Marissa in a confessional.

The couple had been on thin ice after Nikki returned to the cast for the second season of the series. She joined former castmates Maria Elizondo, Brittani "B-Lashes" Schwartz, Derynn Paige, Marissa Lucchese, and Susan "Suzi" Baidya, along with new cast members Brandon Stakemann, Antonio Locke, and Nicky Curd.

Nikki realized that she was unprepared to see Pauly for the first time since he unceremoniously eliminated her from the competition during Season 1 when he said that instead of finding love, he chose to remain single. At Maria's insistence, Nikki decided to join her fellow castmates in Las Vegas but didn't quite expect her own powerful response to seeing Pauly once again.

It was only after Nikki went out to a club with the rest of the roommates on the show's July 9 episode and drank a bit too much that she began to open up to Pauly about her real feelings. She told him he hurt her and led her on. Pauly also spoke up about the way Nikki slammed him on social media and at the reunion for the first season of the show. It appeared the two had mended fences and now are enjoying their relationship once again.

Fans of the series had mixed feelings about a possible romantic entanglement for the twosome once again.

"Alright now Pauly don't say nothing when she turns crazy again," said one user of Nikki's past actions on the series, where her moods would flip like a switch.

"Things we love to see: Nikki finally happy and stress-free in the suite," stated a second follower.

"The house complains about how she should just talk to Pauly and the minute she does and they flirt now act like they are annoyed with them flirting. Pick a side please," noted a third viewer.

"Marissssssaaa y u hatin lol," said a fourth fan.