Texas Rep Steve Stockman’s Re-Election Slogan Is So Offensive Your Head Will Explode

Rep. Steve Stockman is a die-hard and unapologetic conservative from Texas, as well as an admitted Twitter troll. Proving that latter point yet again, Stockman tweeted his re-election slogan Friday, which touches on so many hot button issues, your head is likely to explode.

This is your only warning.

Stockman’s re-election slogan is “If babies had guns they wouldn’t be aborted.” We’ll let that sink in a moment. Sure it leaves out marriage equality, immigration and a few other issues, but that is easily the finest liberal button-pusher I’ve ever seen.

It’s the kind of line that conservatives are probably cackling to, and proves (at least) that Stockman is absolutely confident in his ability to get re-elected.

There’s so much to say about it, except that it renders one … completely speechless somehow. At least that’s what many left-leaning publications are experiencing at the moment.

From Salon to ThinkProgress, reports on Stockman’s re-election slogan have made nearly every liberal publication, but the entries are mysteriously absent high-brow wit or righteous moral repugnance.

“If babies had guns they wouldn’t be aborted” has literally left the sewage processing conglomerate that is the political reporting racket beside itself.

Except for MSN Now, which offered Stockman some cheeky praise for his transparent trolling.

“For that is All-Star material,” they write. “Nah, son, an All-Star Game MVP material.”

“It then combines the issues into a statement wrap that inflames his enemies, excites his base and teases us into writing about it. That, people, is how you troll.”

If you like the slogan, you can buy the bumper sticker:

What do you think of Rep. Steve Stockman’s re-election slogan? If you really want to know what to think, Stockman’s slogan is apparently less a campaign line and more a criticism of a recent scandal: