Fitness Model Lauren Simpson Flaunts Pert Backside In Camouflage Shorts For New Leg Training Video

A close-up of Lauren Simpson's face.
Lauren Simpson / Instagram

Fitness model Lauren Simpson took to popular social media site Instagram on Monday to post a new workout in which she trained her leg muscles.

For the workout, the Australian native wore a light gray cropped sweatshirt with long sleeves and a hood. The top left a small swatch of toned tummy on display. Lauren paired the top with camouflage booty shorts that rose high on her hips and extended to just below her backside. The spandex material contoured to the model’s curvy booty and toned upper thighs, leaving the length of her legs exposed.

The model completed the outfit with a pair of white socks that rose to mid-calf level, forgoing shoes for the indoor workout. Lauren pulled her platinum blond tresses up in a ponytail and used clips to secure any loose strands. She also appeared to have made up her face with black lashes, eyeliner, eye shadow, and pink lip gloss.

The legs workout took place in Lauren’s living room. She used a black exercise mat, a pair of wooden dumbbells, a chair, and a red resistance band for the exercises. The model completed a total of nine leg strengthening exercises, each featured in a separate video clip in the post. Lauren’s calico cat also made an appearance throughout the workout.

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The model began the workout with DB hip thrusts, leaning back against the chair while supporting the remainder of her weight on bent knees. Lauren followed up the hip thrusts with single-leg hip extensions, maintaining the same position. In the third video, the fitness trainer demonstrated the elevated heel lateral squat. For this exercise, Lauren placed one extended leg on the chair, performing the squats with the other leg.

The fourth exercise in the routine was the B-stance RDL, which incorporated the set of dumbbells. She performed B-stance RDL pulses next and then moved into the goblet squat with elevated heels. The final three exercises in the workout were the glute bridge with abduction, donkey kick, and fire hydrant. In all three exercises, Lauren used the red resistance band.

In the caption of the post, the model wrote out the exercises and added the number of sets and reps for each one. The workout is a sneak peek of Lauren’s workout program Power Booty 2.0, which is set to go live this week.

The legs workout earned several thousand likes and dozens of comments from adoring fans within the first few hours of appearing on the photo-sharing site.