Donald Trump Blasted For Misspelling ‘Liar’ After Bragging About Passing Cognitive Test

The word “lier” was trending on Twitter on Saturday morning after President Donald Trump misspelled “liar” while calling out Christopher Steele and Hillary Clinton in a message on social media.

“Credibility shredded? British court identifies at least five inaccurate or unproven allegations in just one of the many memos that made up Christopher Steele’s anti-Trump dossier,” wrote journalist John Solomon.

“This man should be extradited, tried, and thrown into jail. A sick lier who was paid by Crooked Hillary & the DNC!” added Trump while retweeting the message.

The response to the early morning tweet was swift with pundits and politicos taking Trump to task for the message.

“Trump says he took his own SAT’s but he’s clearly a ‘lier,'” replied Holly Figueroa O’Reilly.

“Says the sick and illiterate *liar* who was paid by Putin and who should be extradited, tried at The Hague and thrown into jail!” commented Lesley Abravanel.

The president was referring to Steele and the so-called Steele dossier, which was written in 2016. The former British spy was recently ordered to pay a hefty fine for publishing inaccurate material in the infamous report.

Conservatives have attacked Democrats and Clinton for their role in funding the dossier, which the FBI used, in part, to decide to obtain a warrant to watch former Trump aide Carter Page, as Fox News reported earlier this week.

The post comes just days after the president bragged that his doctors at Walter Reed were “very surprised” that he was able to score so high a cognitive exam as part of his annual physical, as The Inquisitr previously reported. The president claims that the doctors said very few people were able to do as well as he did on the test, causing swift backlash on Twitter, with some mocking the president’s comments.

Critics pointed to Trump’s recent tweet, joking that he may have passed a cognitive exam, but likely couldn’t pass a spelling test.

“In case you are curious why Lier is trending it’s because the man who said he aced his cognitive test misspelled Liar and Trump is a dumbf*ck,” wrote Tony Posnanski.

The president’s cognitive abilities have been called into question in recent months after videos showing him appearing to slur his words, have trouble managing common physical tasks, or rambling off-topic have surfaced. Some have suggested that perhaps the commander-in-chief is in some sort of cognitive decline.

Trump has pushed back on the claims.

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