Repent! Recession is at hand!

As of writing this post, stock markets from around the world have plummeted. Here in the U.S., the Dow Jones industrial average dropped by more than 480 points after opening bell. Reports had it that there lingering fear that governments, central banks, and finance ministers globally are powerless in stopping a global recession.

The Dow futures also dropped by 550 points even before today’s opening, triggering a temporary trading halt in stock futures contracts to slow the decline. If the Drop drops by 1,100 points before 2pm, the New York Stock Exchange is expected to temporarily shut down the market. With fear all over, this is not a long shot. This has not been done since 1997.

Am I scared? Of course. I have a family to feed. My kids are ready. Yesterday they were taught the topic of Great Depression in Social Studies. In any case, we can always repent and be saved.