Pet Duck Found In Bag By Court Security

A pet duck was found in a man’s bag by court security earlier this week.

Screeners at a courthouse in Honolulu were shocked to discover a live duck hiding out inside man’s bag. The officers found the animal after they sent the sack through the X-ray machine.

Authorities explained that Michael Hubbard originally didn’t want to open the bag. However, he eventually relented after shouting: “There’s a duck in there!”

In addition to the live duck, the man attempted to bring a bottle of beer into the courthouse.

Department of Public Safety spokeswoman Toni Schwartz said the man was told that he could not bring the duck or the booze in the building. The man reportedly left, though he returned later since he had an appointment in court.

Instead of finding someone to look after his pet, the man left the duck and the beer with security before proceeding inside. Officials warned Michael Hubbard that the items in question would have to remain outside the courtroom at his own risk.

Although Hubbard had a bottle of beer with him at the time, it’s unclear if he was intoxicated before he decided to enter the courtroom without his duck in tow.

“We have no way of knowing if Hubbard was drunk since no one was able to draw blood from him to test his blood alcohol content level. However, the deputies didn’t smell any alcohol on his breath,” Schwartz explained.

Man Brings Duck To Court In Bag

Hubbard was reportedly in court to contend with two felony assault charges. The duck stayed in the security area while the man dealt with his legal problems. Schwartz said security’s encounter with Hubbard was “peaceful.”

“We recommend people not bring their pets to court. Believe it or not this is not an unusual occurrence. A lot of people try to bring their pets to court. A duck is unusual. I don’t think we’ve come across that one before,” Schwartz added.

What do you think about the man who tried to sneak a duck in a bag through court security?

[Images via Wikimedia Commons]