Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Are Reportedly 'Struggling To Cope' With Life In Los Angeles

Though Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may show a happy front in their public displays, an inside source has claimed that the pair are in fact "struggling to cope" with their lives after leaving the royal family to pursue financial independence in Los Angeles.

According to The Mirror, a friend of the Duchess of Sussex stated that that former Suits actress has been "worryingly silent" despite plans to develop a large social and professional network in her home state of sunny California.

As had previously been reported by numerous outlets, the couple had allegedly already felt frustrated over the fact that the launch of their foundation, Archewell, had not gone to plan because of the ongoing novel coronavirus pandemic.

In addition, another source of stress for the duchess has been her relationship with former best friend Jessica Mulroney. As has been previously reported by The Inquisitr, the actress decided to end her friendship with the other woman after being "mortified" by Mulroney's bullying of a black social media blogger and influencer.

However, the insider added that the biggest strain weighing on her was that the long-rumored rift that had developed between the Sussex household and the rest of the royal family was soon to be played out in court.

"She has gone very quiet. I think she is likely to be feeling extremely low and probably struggling," a relative of the duchess said.

prince harry and meghan markle walking in new zealand
Getty Images | Dominic Lipinski

"The legal battle and the increased tension it's created with the royals due to the information that's coming out has to be putting a lot of strain on them both," the source continued.

"Meghan's been a lot more distant and introverted over the last few weeks – her family is worried."
But it is not just the duchess that is struggling with life in Los Angeles. Harry is also reportedly finding it difficult to cope with the strained relationships with his family.

"Harry must be tormented by his fractured family ties," the source explained. "He was particularly down on William's birthday on June 21."

This is not the only negative press the couple has received over the past couple of weeks. As was also previously reported by The Inquisitr, a recent book on the couple, titled Meghan and Harry: The Real Story, has not painted a positive picture of the pair.

The author of the book, Lady Colin Campbell -- who was once a friend of Princess Diana's -- harshly concluded that Harry was "pathetic" and had lost most of his friends due to his relationship with Markle.