Jessa Duggar & Husband Ben Seewald Give Update On Son Henry’s Speech And Other Milestones

Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald will be featured on the new season of Counting On next week. In anticipation of the upcoming new shows, US Weekly interviewed the couple this past week as they gave a few updates on their family of five. One milestone that was mentioned was their son Henry’s slight speech delay that has much improved over the past few months.

There was some concern last year when Henry was 2 and not communicating like he should for his age. Ben and Jessa indicated that they were a bit nervous when they realized that Henry was having an issue with his speech. The topic was addressed on a previous episode of TLC’s Counting On. The famous parents took Henry to a speech pathologist where they spent time working with him and now, according to Jessa, he is “back on track” and is now talking pretty well for his age group. Their journey with their son’s developmental delay will be shown during the new season.

The reality stars also talked about how their two boys are doing with potty training. Spurgeon, 4, is almost all the way there, according to Ben. Henry is about halfway to the finish line in his potty training.

Spurgeon has quite an imagination, according to his parents, who attribute it to his love of reading books. Ben, in particular, appeared to be quite excited that his eldest child is an avid book reader at his young age — he is also known for his love of reading.

As for Ben and Jessa’s youngest, Ivy Jane, 1, she is learning new words all the time, especially words that have to do with food. She is apparently an “adventurous eater,” as her mom mentioned. She loves just about any food, except mayonnaise.

Out of all three kids, the couple said that Ivy Jane is the one who loves to give out hugs. She is a cuddler and runs to welcome her daddy home with a big hug most days.

The daughter of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar is not afraid to clap back on social media whenever she feels it necessary to respond to mom-shamers or just haters in general. That was also a topic of conversation during a recent interview with the same magazine publication. Jessa and Ben had said that they have come to realize that they just can’t please everyone or make every single person happy with their Instagram shares. They get plenty of criticism from others, but they do not seem too worried about what people say.

The new season of Counting On is begins, Tuesday, July 7 on TLC. Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald’s home life with their three adorable kids will be just one of the many features in the coming weeks.

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