Jessa Duggar & Ben Seewald Speak Out On Social Media Haters, ‘You Can’t Please Every Single Person’

Jessa Duggar and her husband, Ben Seewald, are not allowing any hate that comes their way to get the best of them. Instead, they are just trying to laugh it off and take the high road. The Counting On stars did a recent video interview with US Weekly, talking about how they handle all the negative comments they get when they both share posts that seem to get some people up in arms.

Jessa and Ben said they realize that you just can’t please everyone out there. Ben suggested that perhaps some of those negative people may be going through a hard time or having a bad day, so they do try to keep that in mind if and when they comment back. He also admitted that he and Jessa sometimes delete those comments that have “colorful” language in them. It also appears that the daughter of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar and her 25-year-old husband are totally aware of those accounts that have no followers or posts and are only there to hate on them.

“We don’t live for the approval of every single person out there. We love each other. We love our kids. We love God and we try to live our lives to please God….so, just doing the best we can,” Jessa said.

Ben Seewald expanded on that, saying that they don’t feel the pressure to seek approval from others, only the approval of God. However, the reality stars admitted that they do sometimes fall back into trying to please people, but they are reminded that pleasing God is the only thing that ultimately matters.

Jessa seems to get mom-shamed often when she shares various tips or photos of her three kids. Back in April, she posted a YouTube video on how she cuts her boys’ hair. That prompted someone who didn’t like that Jessa Duggar wasn’t a professional hairstylist to share a negative comment. She had a great comeback that her fans loved. Many times, she seems to let things go, but with other negative comments she claps back with a perfect response.

In this US Weekly interview, the couple’s 1-year-old daughter Ivy Jane made an appearance as they chatted inside of their Arkansas home. She even waved to the magazine’s correspondent, Christina Garibaldi, as she was conducting the interview. However, Ivy did have a moment of impatience during the talk, but Jessa took it all in stride and was seen talking quietly to her and trying to distract her with something else. Her two boys, Spurgeon and Henry, appeared to be doing their own thing off camera.

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