Jessa Duggar Claps Back After She Seemingly Gets Slammed For Hair-Cutting Tutorial

Jessa Duggar recently shared a tutorial on her new YouTube channel showing how she cuts her boys’ hair. She also posted it on Instagram and that’s when someone seemingly chided her for showing others how to cut hair, despite not being an actual hairstylist. However, the Counting On star clapped back with a fairly long comment that her fans praised her for.

The video was posted on the social media channel about three months ago, but Jessa shared it once again on Instagram, just in case any of her followers were interested in giving their own boys a haircut during quarantine.

In the video, Henry Seewald, 3, is sitting in a chair looking a little worried about what his mom was going to do. He quickly got a smile on his face and looked happy with his new haircut. However, one person seemingly wasn’t too keen on the 27-year-old reality star telling others how to cut hair when she had no professional experience.

The commenter referenced how easy it would be to start an IV, despite not being an actual nurse. Jessa Duggar, being the queen of clapbacks, hopped back onto her Instagram to make a comment of her own.

“I post simple recipe videos on my YouTube, yet I haven’t been to culinary school,” the mom-of-three started out saying.

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She then went on to say that she has watched many YouTube tutorials from other people in the past to learn how to fix things such as fixing a toilet and building forts in the backyard, yet she is not a plumber or a builder. She does this to save money so she can do it herself. Plus she said that she loves to learn new things. Jessa went on to say that she even chops her own hair once in a while.

“I even chop a few inches off my own hair once or twice a year. It’s not like I’m performing surgery,” she noted.

Fans were quick to defend Jessa. However, the person who made the comment did say that she was being facetious and advised everyone to take a deep breath.

The Duggar daughter had recently used the skills that she had learned to help build her three kids a climbing dome in their yard during the coronavirus pandemic. She had some help from her two boys and they all loved it when it was all done. Jessa and husband, Ben Seewald, have been doing their part in staying at home to keep their family safe and sound during these trying times.

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